Process tanks /reactors

for many industrial branches

Storage tanks

for liquid and granular substances

Liquid mixers

and granular mixers

Pressure tanks

made of acid-proof steel

Main project and production characteristics:

  • Maximum diameter: 4200 mm,
  • Maximum metal sheet thickness: 30 mm,
  • Welding technology: up to 8 mm thickness for PLASMA (15), above 8 mm for SAW (121),
  • Maximum folding length: 4 m,
  • Surface treatment according to any standard imposed by a client,
  • Heating / cooling jackets made in the following technologies: half-pipe, fluid flow direction, pillow plate,
  • Tanks adjusted to every heating / cooling fluid: ammonia, carbon dioxide, glycol, HFO, steam, water,
  • Isolation with mineral wool or polyurethane foam,
  • Welded or riveted external coating made of acid-proof steel,
  • Technical documentation according to GUM/UDT/ZDT requirements.